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Sky Marom Ltd. was established on July, 2002 by its directors Zion Tuito and Shneur Herman. During the period 1999 – 2002, the original company Marom Arch Ltd. was strictly an architect and engineering firm servicing other developers and contractors. Starting in late 2002 the company started to act independently as entrepreneur and project manager for its own properties.
Zion Tuito
Since December, 1999 he acted as the CEO and the Chief Engineer of Marom Arch Ltd. Zion received is degree in civil engineering from the Technion in Haifa.

Zion served in a special unit during his service in the IDF. Under his direct management, supervising and planning, top developers from the Galilee, Modyin and the surrounding neighborhoods have built over 300 housing units and thousands of m2 of commercial and public areas. Zion managed to achieve great experience and high reputation in his field. He was elected for city council in Tsfat in the 2003 elections where he currently holds a seat. He acted as city planner from 2003-2004 for the city of Tsfat. He has great connections with many municipalities, planning committees, the Israeli land authority and other government offices. He also achieved his reputation and expertise in the planning, construction and management of projects in Israel.
Shneur Herman
Shneur is in charge of the company finance management, planning structure of deals, negotiations with investors, banks and other finance entities.

Shneur managed to establish a strong and excellent relationship with investors and builders while working for Marom Arch Ltd.
Shneur achieved a lot of experience and excellent skills in preparing finance models, tax planning, structure of real-estate deals, negotiations with land owners and others, relation with business partners, raising money through bonds, banks etc. He also received experience with government offices, municipalities, tax authorities, insurance, appraisers, bank supervisors etc.

Office Phone:
04 682 2111
Cell Phone: 0523 26 44 99
US Phone: 818 284 4541

Email: Shneurherman@hotmail.com
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